Pediatric Growth Charts

An iOS app to track child growth


Whether you are a parent caring for your own child or a pediatrician, this growth charts app is for you! It allows you to track childrens' growth over time and display the data points on any of the included WHO and CDC growth charts. You can track height, weight, head circumference and BMI and determine the corresponding percentiles.

There is also a percentile calculator for quick percentile lookup in case you just want to know the percentile of today's measurements.

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Data Storage

You can add as many children and measurements to the built-in database as you like. The data is encrypted – if you have a passcode on your device – meaning it is secure should you lose the device. Speaking of losing your device, we encourage you to regularly backup your data, which you can do from within the app via the share button.

Please also see our privacy policy.

Sharing & Backup

The measurements are directly added to the growth chart PDFs. You can email these PDFs, print them out (if you have an AirPrint enabled printer nearby) or share them with other means provided by iOS, such as storing into your Dropbox or

You can also export the data, either per kid or all at once, to a spreadsheet file (CSV) that can be viewed in Numbers, Excel or similar. This can either be done directly on your iOS device, you can email those files or even better store them directly into Dropbox or to have them sync automatically to your desktop computer.

Finally you can export the data for re-import into Charts on another iOS device of yours. While intended for backup purposes, you can also use it repeatedly to synchronize data between your devices; new data entered on one device will be added to your existing children on the other.

Included Charts

The app currently includes 32 official growth charts from these institutions:

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

    • 0 - 24 months (weight, length, head circumference and weight for length)
    • 2 - 5 years (weight, height and weight for height)
    • 5 - 10 years (weight)
    • 5 - 19 years (height and BMI)
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    • 0 - 36 months (weight, height, head circumference and weight for length)
    • 2 - 20 years (weight, height, BMI and weight for height)


Whether you're used to the metric system and have all data available in centimeter and kilogram or whether you're in the US and using imperial units, Charts has got you covered. You can switch the units you want to use for input right from the keyboard:

Unit Switching

These units will be saved as your preferred units. You can also change those units from a dedicated list when viewing your child's measurements.


To run this app you will need a device running iOS version 7.0 or newer. 👶

Feedback & Support

If you are having problems with the app or have suggestions, head over to the issue page and let us know!

You can also get ahold of me over at Twitter.


This work was supported by a fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation in scope of the project Benefits of an Open Electronic Health Record Programming Interface. The app was built at CHIP at Boston Children's Hospital.