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The measurement data you add to your Charts app is only stored locally on the device. This data is encrypted by the operating system if you have a passcode set on your device. At no point does the data leave the device, except when you yourself print, email or otherwise share growth chart PDFs or manually export the data. This means that neither we at Boston Children's Hospital nor Apple can glimpse at your data. This is your private data.

Cloud Storage

The app currently does not offer online (“cloud”) data storage, but we might add this feature in the future. Should we add this feature we will not automatically transition you to cloud storage but will give you the opportunity to do so or keep your data locally.

User Details

We do not currently ask for your email address or other contact information, nor does Apple provide such data about app users to the developers.


You can contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy:

Pascal Pfiffner
Children's Hospital Informatics Program
AU 542
One Autumn Street
Boston, MA 02215

You can find an email address in the app's info screen.

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