struct CharacterSet : ReferenceConvertible, Equatable, Hashable, SetAlgebra
  • Return the character set that does NOT need percent-encoding for x-www-form-urlencoded requests INCLUDING SPACE. YOU are responsible for replacing spaces “ with the plus sign+”.

    RFC3986 and the W3C spec are not entirely consistent, we’re using W3C’s spec which says:

    If the byte is 0x20 (U+0020 SPACE if interpreted as ASCII):

    • Replace the byte with a single 0x2B byte (+ (U+002B) character if interpreted as ASCII). If the byte is in the range 0x2A (*), 0x2D (-), 0x2E (.), 0x30 to 0x39 (0-9), 0x41 to 0x5A (A-Z), 0x5F (_), 0x61 to 0x7A (a-z)
    • Leave byte as-is



    static var wwwFormURLPlusSpaceCharacterSet: CharacterSet { get }